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Does your investment portfolio consist of a collection of funds and stocks that perhaps were selected a number of years ago and never been reviewed? Are you buying from a captive broker? (Many insurance agents can only sell for a limited amount of companies. Many bank advisors can't sell all the products you need and have quotas.) Do you wonder if there is anything else out there that you should be looking for in regard to your finances that might provide a better fit for you?

CF Advisors Group was founded with the idea of “Planning for the Spectrum of Your Life."  Our financial advisors are experienced professionals with a resourceful approach to financial guidance. You will find that the advisors at CF Advisors Group are time efficient and knowledgeable; you will notice that they have a true compassion for assisting you toward achieving your financial goals. As your financial professionals, we will work with you to determine and evaluate your current financial situation, develop a successful plan, and continuously make sure that all parties remain focused on, and working towards, the same goal.

By making us your advisors, you can be sure that your finances are monitored by qualified and trusted professionals. We pride ourselves on our customer service, our attention to detail, and being an independent agency. 

As an independent agency, CF Advisors Group is able to diversify your portfolio, choosing the best options without being tied to certain companies. We are able to act more as a fiduciary and give our clients the same guidance we would give to members of our family. Having the financial advisors at CF Advisors Group as your financial professionals, you can be assured that your finances are being managed by top qualified professionals.


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