Our Firm

CF Advisors Group is a full service financial planning firm, whose associates collectively have over 105 years of experience in the field of incorporating investment management and comprehensive financial planning.

CF Advisors Group offers securities through Ameritas Investment Company, LLC. Under Ameritas, CF Advisors Group manages over $200 million dollars as of August 2018. The firm was founded to provide high-quality financial services with the overriding goal of Planning for the Spectrum of Your Life. We are here to assist in many aspects of your life, such as home buying, college education, retirement planning, business benefits, and other financial decisions that seem to demand much of our time. We take this spectrum of financial goals and challenges, different for every client, and help them focus on what's important today, tomorrow, and for the remainder of their life. We understand it is a privilege, and provide a superior level of service to our clients. 


Our Mission 

The mission of CF Advisors Group is to provide affluent individuals and families with the highest quality financial guidance possible. We are dedicated to carefully evaluating each of our clients' personal situations and putting our focus on them, allowing us to provide them with more personalized guidance. We commit ourselves to developing and discussing alternatives with our clients and establishing an individualized plan to help ensure that their personal goals are fully achieved. We operate at the highest level of ethical considerations for our clients, treating their situations as if they were our own.


Our Values

The service we provide goes beyond the walls of our office. By volunteering our time, talent and expertise, we are committed to giving back to the community and serving others who are less fortunate and have bigger needs than our own.


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Our associates hold all required State and Federal licenses.